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Blooms of Creativity: A Floral Journey with Brian Watson of Myrtie Blue

Brian Watson | Naples 2Night

The Naples Garden Club is set to host an evening of floral enchantment with Brian Watson, the Co-founder and Creative Director of Myrtie Blue. An expert in event and floral design, Brian brings a wealth of knowledge and a touch of magic to the world of blossoms and celebrations.

Date: Monday, December 4th 2023

Time: 1pm - 3pm

Location: Naples Botanical Garden

Tickets: $35, available at Naples Garden Club website

Since its establishment in 2007, Myrtie Blue, nestled near Destin, Florida, has been synonymous with creating natural, artistic, and inspiring floral designs. Brian Watson, the driving force behind the company, wears multiple hats as co-founder, creative director, lead designer, and problem solver. His commitment to delivering exceptional experiences is evident in the company's impressive portfolio, featuring weddings and events adorned with Myrtie Blue's distinctive touch.

The Myrtie Blue team, under Brian's guidance, is a collective of experts who excel in designing beautiful celebrations. Their approach involves a comprehensive understanding and appreciation for all elements in motion during an event. Beyond flowers, they meticulously craft custom props, execute intricate lighting and draping plans, and artfully install table-scapes. Brian's team doesn't just design where everything goes; they breathe life into cohesive and stunning events that surpass client expectations, leaving a lasting impression.

One of the hallmarks of Myrtie Blue's work is drawing inspiration from the natural world—seashores, woods, fields, and gardens—all in harmony with the setting of the event. Brian Watson views his team not just as florists, but as builders, makers, gardeners, and creative thinkers. They thrive on design challenges and innovative ideas, translating clients' needs into inspirational, well-thought-out designs that seamlessly incorporate their ideas.

Sustainability lies at the heart of Myrtie Blue's floral practices. The company embraces eco-friendly methods, including local sourcing, eschewing floral foam, composting waste, and recycling. Creativity, innovation, and personal connection are values that Myrtie Blue holds dear when designing for clients. The company specializes in creating a cohesive vision that tells a unique story through floral arrangements, furniture, and custom decor.

Brian Watson's presentation promises to be a captivating journey into the world of floral design, where he will share insights, techniques, and stories from his years of experience. As a special treat, attendees will have the chance to take home a piece of Myrtie Blue's magic, as Brian's floral demonstration designs will be raffled off after the presentation.

For a night of blooming creativity and inspiration, secure your tickets now for this exclusive Naples Garden Club event featuring Brian Watson of Myrtie Blue. Don't miss the chance to witness the intersection of artistry and nature, where every petal tells a story of beauty and celebration.




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