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Help Rebuild the Lives of the Morales Family After a Devastating Fire

“On Friday, March 3, 2023, the area of Gold Gates Estates in Naples/Collier County experienced massive brush fires that spread rapidly and aggressively over 300 acres.

The Morales Family, Eric & Pia, and their two young children were the victims of this horrific event when they lost their entire home in a matter of minutes.

This family has lost not only the roof over their heads but every possession they had included but limited to all their clothes & shoes, memory keepsakes, and all of their children's toys.

EVERYTHING IS GONE! We need your help and generosity in helping this family rebuild their home and their lives.

They have a very long road ahead. With these funds, Eric & Pia will be able to buy food, rent a place while they begin to rebuild their home, purchase the most basic items such as clothes and shoes, and the ability to pay for the many home repair expenses that insurance WILL NOT COVER.

In order for The Morales family to rebuild their home and life, it will truly take a village. Are you able to support this incredible cause? Any amount you can contribute will make a difference. Thank you”

Credits📝: Anthony Castro & Esther Felipe SWFL MSBL Baseball




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