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Listella Revolutionizes Real Estate Transactions with its Virtual Direct Buyer-to-Seller Marketplace.

Listella, the innovative virtual direct buyer-to-seller real estate marketplace, is transforming the way consumers transact by offering a fully online experience. With its user-friendly software, Listella aims to revolutionize the outdated and cumbersome real estate process, empowering homeowners to save billions by eliminating negotiations and avoiding commission fees. The best part? You can now purchase a house with just a simple click of a button.

According to Jakub Adamowicz, Founder and CEO of Listella, "The industry has been ripe for disruption for quite some time. Consumers are eager for the opportunity to sell their property without sacrificing a significant portion of their hard-earned equity."

Based in Naples, Florida, Listella was founded by Jakub Adamowicz, a product of the Florida Gulf Coast University School of Entrepreneurship. The company, which now boasts a team of ten employees, including fellow FGCU entrepreneurship classmate Sofia Wardell, has been working tirelessly to revolutionize the real estate scene in Southwest Florida.

Listella acts as a bridge between buyers and sellers, connecting them with a network of 80 thousand agents nationwide. The platform provides top-tier, a-la-carte services such as inspection, appraisal, mortgage, and title, offering consumers a comprehensive and hassle-free experience. By leveraging these services, users can enjoy pressure-free showings, licensed inspection and appraisal reports, and the flexibility to schedule both in-person and virtual showings, as well as loan pre-approval. With a streamlined listing process that takes mere minutes, Listella enables sellers to sell their homes in as little as 45 days, while buyers can complete a purchase in as little as 14 days.

Listella's dedication to innovation and forward-thinking solutions has been recognized by SWFL Inc., which recently awarded the company the prestigious Innovation Award. This accolade celebrates Listella as an original business that creates unique and groundbreaking solutions, from designing innovative products to developing new processes and technologies.

Sofia Wardell, Business Growth and Development Specialist at Listella, expresses the team's gratitude for receiving the award, stating, "The Listella team is honored to receive this award, which recognizes the hard work and sacrifices made by each member of our company. Moving forward, Listella is committed to growing alongside Southwest Florida by making real estate simple, seamless, educational, and affordable for all."

To commemorate their success, Listella is offering readers a special code to receive a 20% discount on the initial listing fee when selling their homes. Use code "VIP" to take advantage of this limited-time offer and list your home on Listella today.

For more information about selling your house online, please visit

About Listella Listella, headquartered in Naples, Florida, is the world's first exclusively virtual real estate platform. It aims to democratize the real estate industry by empowering homeowners with a platform that focuses on closing transactions and avoiding hefty commission fees, resulting in an average savings of $30,000 for sellers. To start saving today, visit and learn more about the innovative services offered by Listella.

Listella | Naples 2Night


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Joseph Goldbach
Joseph Goldbach
Jul 13, 2023

Who are the people featured in the photo?

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