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Buffalo Chips (Bonita Springs)

26620 Old 41 Rd, Bonita Springs, FL 34135, USA
Buffalo Chips (Bonita Springs)

Time's are a changing here in Southwest Florida. I don't know if our long held secret has finally been discovered or is it just all the retired baby-boomers have finally taken over this wonderful area called Bonita Springs. Though I've never seen any beautiful springs as the name denotes, I do remember the Walzing Waters attraction, The Dog track, Wonder Gardens, and those funky colored lights dancing to music were the only real tourist traps since I can remember 40 years ago.

Surely there are "Bonitians" who could go on about our old town of "Survey" as it was called in the early days. Back when beach front property was still sold by the acre, not by the square foot. The beach at Bonita usta have lots more parking spaces and real sand. It was free to park under some big pines but take your chances on getting out when you wanted and whether or not someone parked 2" on either side of your car. Chuck's Poorhouse had a big fight with the county over that deal - the county won. We got bathrooms and nice showers now, though. Gated communities in this area meant keeping your livestock from wanderin' into U.S. 41. Now lotsa folks with excess discretionary capital (rich folks) will plop down hundreds of thousands for lil' piece of paradise. Yeah, some folks ain't happy bout' the changes but I reckon they ought not stand in the way of "progress". 

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