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Mino Ristorante

1100 6th Ave S #1, Naples, FL 34102, USA
Mino Ristorante

My name is Massimo Puglielli.  People call me Max, Maxie, Massi...but my name as a little boy was Massimino.  Today, my family in Pescara, Italy and here in the U.S.A, still follow our instincts.  The basic rule is to make food that is uncomplicated, with simple, fresh ingredients, that fill your heart and inevitably start a conversation.

Mino's interior boasts a simple, inviting decor that pays tribute to quaint pizzerias of the old country. The restaurant offers a choice to observe passers-by from your patio bar-stool, or watch the art of brick-oven-pizza making fireside in the dining room.  For the sports-fans, we also have a separate, full bar area with flatscreen TVs so you can watch live sporting events.

In addition to exceptional service, the Italian food that I present to you is not what you've come to know, but the Italian food that I grew up with.  Mino, the restaurant, should invoke the feelings of places in Italy that we went as kids and as young adults.  My life is in every plate. Please come and share our family's generations of not just food, but tradition!  

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