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Trattoria Abruzzo

2359 Vanderbilt Beach Rd unit 416, Naples, FL 34109, USA
Trattoria Abruzzo

Here at trattoria Abruzzo we take pride in our small kitchen and our big heart, where everything is made from scratch and with love. 

Owner Paola Laccetti left Italy and moved to Naples FL in July 2012. She had a vision, which turned into Trattoria Abruzzo. Just as her grandmother and mother had taught her, food is an art, and tastes better if made heartfelt.

All our pastas are made by hand daily and all our sauces are patiently slow cooked for hours each morning. Every dish is made by the order and often adjusted for our customers preference. All our ingredients are chosen based on freshness and quality. 

Paola, mother of three children, is dedicated to share and teach them that life is to be lived with love with every act and in all you do. This is one of the reasons why Trattoria Abruzzo is not only a business but a home. A home for its employees which have become family, and a home to all those that enter as customers and leave as friends.  

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