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Mister 01 Pizza

2355 Vanderbilt Beach Road suite 176, Naples, FL 34109, USA

Mister O1 was born from the idea that an extraordinary pizza requires the utmost attention to detail and the finest ingredients, the necessary tools for an artist to produce a masterpiece.The recipe for success was simple: Quality and Consistency. These would be the hallmarks of Chef Renato Viola’s pizzas.Mister O1 uses only the finest and freshest ingredients and most of them are imported from Italy or locally sourced. The artisanal pizza is a delicate thin crust style with very light dough, which is prepared and rests for a minimum of 72 hours into natural levitation before being served.

RENATO VIOLARaised in Southern Italy, Viola developed a passion for cooking at an early age and by the time he was 11 years old, he was apprenticing with italian’s best pizzas chefs. In the years he was able to get his name out after winning many awards in Italy and around Europe.Chef Renato Viola came to settle in Miami Beach under the O1 Visa category, reserved for those with “Extraordinary Artistic Ability” of internationally acclaimed fame.Recognizing that his talent would be the foundation of a revolutionary pizza joint, he opened Mister O1 with the intention of creating something truly extraordinary.

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