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D-Lux Medspa: Elevating Aesthetics with a Personalized Touch

Dana Zeitler | Naples 2Night Digital Magazine

In the realm of aesthetic treatments and beauty enhancements, there exists a duo whose expertise and passion have redefined the industry's standards. Meet Dana Zeitler PA-C and Dr. Chelsey Scheiner, the dynamic founders behind D-Lux Medspa, a haven of transformative treatments that marry innovation with a commitment to natural beauty.

Dana Zeitler, a trailblazer in the field, brings with her a wealth of experience and credentials that speak volumes about her dedication to the craft. As a NCCPA board-certified Physician Assistant, Dana's journey began at the renowned George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences PA program, where she honed her skills and set the stage for a remarkable career. Her accolades continue with her roles as a Galderma GAIN trainer, a Sonosthetics instructor, and a certified laser specialist. Dana's unwavering dedication to sharing knowledge and expertise shines through in her role as CEO, where she seeks to raise the industry's bar through safe and effective aesthetic treatments.

Complementing Dana's prowess is Dr. Chelsey Scheiner, a board-certified physician with a strong affinity for her native SW Florida. Dr. Scheiner's medical journey led her to a distinguished osteopathic medical degree from Nova Southeastern University, followed by a surgical urology internship at Detroit Medical Center and a family medicine residency at Lee Health in Fort Myers, Fl. Her collaboration with Dana extends beyond their roles as co-founders, as she has been personally trained by Dana and continues to pursue advanced aesthetics education from industry leaders.

What sets D-Lux Medspa apart is their unwavering commitment to a holistic approach that transcends traditional beauty standards. Their signature D-Lux Total Treatment Transformation is a testament to their dedication to the art of enhancement. The medspa specializes in tailoring neurotoxin treatments, bio-stimulatory injectables, and laser therapy to individual needs, utilizing various dilutions and techniques to achieve results that are both transformative and uniquely personalized.

Safety is paramount in D-Lux's philosophy, a principle that Dana and Dr. Scheiner uphold with the utmost diligence. Their honest recommendations and emphasis on achieving outstanding results in the safest manner showcase their commitment to their patients' well-being. At D-Lux Medspa, it's not just about aesthetics; it's about guiding patients on a journey towards enhancing and preserving their natural beauty.

To embark on your own aesthetic journey with Dana Zeitler and Dr. Chelsey Scheiner, booking an appointment is just a call, text, or DM away. Reach out to them at 239-776-4956 or @dluxmedspa, and experience the transformation that comes from a medspa that combines expertise, innovation, and a heartfelt dedication to their craft. Discover the D-Lux difference and elevate your aesthetics experience today.



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