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Mercato at Ave: The Ultimate Indoor Marketplace for Local Shopping and Community Gathering

A new innovative concept of an indoor marketplace, Mercato at Ave, is set to revolutionize the shopping experience for residents and visitors in Ave Maria. The marketplace has a unique vision of integrating the “Shop Local” trend, which will create a thriving economy for small businesses all year round.

The Mercato at Ave is a family-oriented proposal, where people can shop, enjoy local events, and gather in a safe area. The marketplace provides different spots for vendors to expose their products, which means customers have a wide variety of options to choose from. The elevated rustic aesthetics of the marketplace create the perfect atmosphere to enjoy with friends and family.

One of the unique features of the marketplace is the lounge area with a coffee bar, which is perfect for those who need a break from shopping or a quick coffee fix. Parents can also relax in the lounge while their kids play in the indoor playground, which will keep the little ones entertained while shopping.

Mercato at Ave has something for everyone, with vendors selling items ranging from books, pottery, plants, candles, soaps, clothing, fishing gadgets, pickleball and tennis accessories, golf accessories, totes, jewelry, kids gadgets, handmade articles, services, real estate agents, travel agents, event planners, and more. Visitors can also enjoy free Wi-Fi while shopping, making it easy to stay connected.

The marketplace is not only a shopping destination but also a community gathering space. The Mercato at Ave will host local events, such as farmer's markets, craft fairs, and live music performances, which will bring the community together and support local businesses.

Furthermore, the marketplace's emphasis on the "Shop Local" trend means that it will have a positive impact on the local economy. Small businesses will have a platform to showcase their products and services, which will drive sales and create jobs. The Mercato at Ave will be an economic engine that will help to keep Ave Maria thriving.

Visit them: 5052 Pope John Paul II Blvd. Suite 102 Ave Maria, FL 34142



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