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Naples 2Night's EXCHANGE 3 Event: Elevating Networking Beyond Expectations in Naples, Florida

Exchange 3 Event | Naples 2Night

A Night of Connection, Collaboration, and Community-Building

Naples, Florida - In the heart of Naples, at the chic and vibrant venue known as District, Naples 2Night recently hosted their second EXCHANGE 3 event. The resounding success of the evening echoed the organizers' commitment to fostering a tight-knit community of entrepreneurs and business owners.

From the outset, the EXCHANGE 3 Networking Group by Naples 2Night set out to create an exclusive platform for networking, bringing together like-minded individuals who share a passion for community, positivity, and growth. The event, held at the stylish District, sold out within an impressive 11 days, underlining the community's eagerness to connect and collaborate.

The brains behind Naples 2Night, comprising entrepreneurs Gonzalo Torres-Giusti, Rodrigo Torres, Johanna Torres, and Cheyenne Figueroa, envisioned EXCHANGE 3 as more than just a networking event. It's a gathering of professionals with a shared vision of unity, positivity, and the desire to contribute to a thriving community.

"Our mission is firm when it comes to getting the community together. We firmly believe that together we can accomplish more," says Gonzalo Torres-Giusti, one of the founders of Naples 2Night.

The EXCHANGE 3 event not only delivered on its promise but exceeded expectations. Attendees reveled in the opportunity to connect with hardworking business owners, sharing stories, insights, and valuable conversations. The positive atmosphere and welcoming environment crafted by the organizers received glowing feedback from participants who felt right at home.

Naples 2Night aims to establish EXCHANGE 3 as a cornerstone networking group in Naples, Florida. Their requirement for entry is refreshingly simple: Be positive and bring value. This inclusive approach ensures that even those without a business background can find a place in the community, contributing in their unique way.

Behind Naples 2Night's digital magazines are four dedicated entrepreneurs steering multiple ventures in the digital realm, including a creative agency, marketing agency, digital magazine, and a business podcast. Their collective mission is to create one of the largest and most dynamic networking groups in Naples, keeping the community united and thriving.

"We want people to share the same values of uniting the community, positivity, and a willingness to create a community/family," adds Rodrigo Torres, another driving force behind Naples 2Night.

The success of the EXCHANGE 3 event wouldn't have been possible without the support of key partners. Naples 2Night extends heartfelt thanks to District for hosting the event in their stunning venue concept. Local brand Metal Spirits and Porsche Naples also played crucial roles in supporting the event, reaffirming their commitment to community engagement.

As a part of their strategic vision, Naples 2Night plans to organize 4-5 EXCHANGE 3 events annually at carefully chosen locations in Naples. The next event, slated for 2024, is eagerly anticipated by a growing community of enthusiastic participants.

The EXCHANGE 3 event by Naples 2Night demonstrated the power of bringing people together. The organizers, with their dynamic team, have not only created a networking event but a movement aimed at making a difference in people's lives.

What is the EXCHANGE 3 Group and Events?

EXCHANGE 3 is Naples 2Night's innovative approach to networking, designed to elevate your professional connections to new heights. By connecting with a minimum of three individuals at each event, participants not only expand their network but also ensure a productive and enjoyable experience. Naples 2Night's commitment to unity, positivity, and community-building sets EXCHANGE 3 apart as a unique and impactful networking opportunity.



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