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Naples Beach Cabanas: Elevating Beach Leisure to a Luxurious Experience

A new era in beach leisure is dawning on the shores of Naples, Florida, as Naples Beach Cabanas introduces the city's first-ever concierge cabana rental service. This groundbreaking venture is poised to redefine the beach experience for locals and visitors alike, offering a seamless blend of luxury, convenience, and personalized service.

Inspired by Luxury Beach Clubs:

The brainchild behind Naples Beach Cabanas is a passionate Naples resident, an FGCU graduate, and a seasoned traveler who drew inspiration from the opulent beach clubs he encountered in his journeys. These exclusive establishments offered a taste of extravagance with day passes that granted access to premium amenities. The founder, deeply enamored by the concept, recognized a gap in Naples' beach offerings – the absence of a comparable service for residents and non-beachfront guests. Thus, Naples Beach Cabanas was born, with the mission of bringing the opulence and ease of beach clubs to the serene shores of Naples.

Addressing Common Beach Day Challenges:

Naples Beach Cabanas seeks to eliminate the common challenges associated with a day at the beach. No longer will beachgoers need to struggle with cumbersome equipment or vie for the ideal spot on the sand. Instead, customers can arrive at their preferred beach location, where a meticulously prepared cabana setup awaits them.

Tailored Cabana Packages:

The service provides a range of cabana packages, each thoughtfully curated and complemented by optional add-ons to cater to diverse preferences and budgets. Stylishly designed, these packages come equipped with everything needed for the perfect beach day, including concierge delivery, setup, and takedown.

More Than a Business – A Passion Project:

For Naples Beach Cabanas, this venture transcends mere business; it's a passion project fueled by a profound love for the beach. The service aspires to help customers create enduring memories and savor the beach in an unprecedented manner.

Frank Scerbo, the founder, expresses the mission succinctly, "Our goal is to become the premier destination for crafting unforgettable, hassle-free beach days along the stunning Naples coast. We are thrilled to unveil our new concierge service just in time for the 2024 season."

Booking Information:

Naples Beach Cabanas is now open for reservations for its concierge cabana service. Customers can conveniently book their beach retreat online at or by reaching out via call or text at (239) 427-1964.

As the sun sets on traditional beach days, Naples Beach Cabanas rises, promising a new era of refined beach leisure, where every detail is attended to, and the only concern is how to bask in the luxury of the moment.



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