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The 239 DJs: Elevating Luxury Entertainment in Naples, Florida

Naples, Florida, is about to experience a new wave of excitement with the arrival of The 239 DJs, a venture led by Jimmie Espo and his talented team from The 617 Event Group. Bringing a touch of Northeastern charm and a commitment to community, The 239 DJs aims to redefine luxury entertainment in the region.

Setting the Stage for Luxury

In a conversation with Jimmie Espo, the visionary behind The 239 DJs, it becomes clear that this isn't just another DJ business. The focus is on elevating the experience, catering specifically to the luxury market. Mansion parties, yacht gatherings, and upscale country club weddings are where The 239 DJs plans to shine. With a commitment to delivering the sophistication and energy reminiscent of Boston-style hospitality, the team is set to create unforgettable moments for the Southwest Florida elite.

More Than Music: A Vision for Community

What sets The 239 DJs apart is not just their musical prowess but their dedication to community involvement. Espo expresses a heartfelt desire to give back by actively participating in charity galas and large-scale fundraising events for non-profits. The team aims to donate 100% of their time to such events, fostering a sense of community that goes beyond the dance floor.

"We want to be the ones they call all the time," Espo emphasizes, highlighting the importance of becoming integral to the community fabric. The team envisions being the go-to support for charity events, food drives, and cancer awareness campaigns, showcasing a commitment that extends beyond the world of entertainment.

Building on a Boston Legacy

With a successful track record in Boston under the 617 Event Group banner, The 239 DJs draws from years of experience in luxury weddings and corporate events. Espo shares insights into their parent company's success, which includes 650 weddings annually in the Boston area. The expansion to Naples marks a strategic move to bring the same level of excellence and style to Southwest Florida.

Entertainment Now, More Later

For now, The 239 DJs is focused on providing top-notch musical entertainment, lighting, and ambiance. As Espo aptly puts it, "One thing at a time." The goal is to gradually expand their offerings as the brand gains recognition and establishes a footprint in the Naples community.

Naples, Get Ready to Dance!

Jimmie Espo signs off with excitement, "Get ready Naples… we’re here to make your events legendary!" The 239 DJs is set to bring a new era of entertainment to Southwest Florida, and if their Boston legacy is any indication, the community is in for an unforgettable experience.

As The 239 DJs gears up to make its mark, Naples residents can anticipate a fusion of luxury, community spirit, and a touch of Northeastern flair in their future events. Get ready to dance, celebrate, and turn your special moments into unforgettable memories with The 239 DJs!



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