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Porsche Naples Presents Their Preferred Partner and Community Spotlight: The Naples Players

The Naples Players | Naples 2Night Digital Magazine

Credits: Porsche Naples

In the heart of Naples, Florida, a cultural gem stands out, not just for its dazzling performances but for its profound community impact. The Naples Players (@thenaplesplayers) is a beacon of artistic excellence and civic engagement, embodying the spirit of collaboration and community support.

This extraordinary institution is more than just a theatre; it is a vibrant community hub powered by the dedication of over 700 volunteers who collectively contribute an astounding 65,000 hours annually. The Naples Players is also a nurturing ground for talent, with 6,500 students participating in various educational programs and engaging with 40 community partners. This synergy enriches the cultural fabric of Naples and provides invaluable opportunities for personal and artistic growth.

The Naples Players | Naples 2Night Digital Magazine

As The Naples Players prepare to launch their 71st season, excitement is building for the grand unveiling of the first phase of their newly remodeled theatre on 5th Avenue South. The season kicks off with the iconic Broadway classic, 42nd Street, a toe-tapping extravaganza that promises to captivate audiences at the state-of-the-art Kizzie Theater from June 26 to July 21. This production marks the beginning of a new era for The Naples Players, setting the stage for countless memorable performances.

The Naples Players | Naples 2Night Digital Magazine

The new theater is a testament to accessibility, inclusivity, and sustainability. From a wheelchair-accessible box office and concession stands to a sensory-friendly booth and modern volunteer spaces, every detail has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the audience experience. Furthermore, The Naples Players' new home is proudly the only LEED-certified sustainable theater in Florida, underscoring their commitment to environmental responsibility.

Porsche Naples is honored to support The Naples Players and their mission to bring exceptional arts and performances to the community. This partnership reflects Porsche Naples' long-standing tradition of community service and dedication to enhancing the cultural landscape of Naples. Through their collaboration with Bryce and his talented team at TNP, Porsche Naples helps ensure that the transformative power of the arts is accessible to all.

Join us in celebrating The Naples Players' remarkable journey and the debut of their spectacular new theater. Be a part of this vibrant community and witness the magic of 42nd Street this summer. Together, let's continue to support and cherish the arts, fostering a rich, inclusive, and dynamic cultural environment for all.



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