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Terri Soutor: Bringing Affordable and Accessible Skincare to Southwest Florida

Terri Soutor | Face Foundrie | Naples 2Night

Terri Soutor, a seasoned business leader with over 20 years of experience in the K-12 education space, embarked on a new venture in April 2021 as the proud owner of FACE FOUNDRIÉ NAPLES. FACE FOUNDRIÉ is a focused facial bar that aims to provide efficient and effective skincare solutions in a modern and accessible environment. Terri's decision to retire from corporate life and introduce FACE FOUNDRIÉ to Southwest Florida reflects her passion for empowering women and fostering accessible self-care in the community.

As one of the earliest clients of FACE FOUNDRIÉ, Terri was immediately captivated by the inclusive, accessible, and affordable value proposition offered by the establishment. Not only did she receive exceptional results, but she also enjoyed a luxury experience. Terri resonates with FACE FOUNDRIÉ's mission and the opportunity it presents to connect and empower women in a time and place that demands more positivity within our communities.

At FACE FOUNDRIÉ, the emphasis lies in efficient and effective self-care that allows individuals to feel their best in their own skin. Specializing in all things face, including facials, skincare, brows, and lashes, the establishment firmly believes that skincare should be inclusive, accessible, and approachable. With services starting at $69, FACE FOUNDRIÉ offers a competitively priced proprietary product line, manufactured in the United States, alongside a thoughtfully curated selection of other clean and luxury skincare lines. What sets FACE FOUNDRIÉ apart is their intentionality at every step. They provide efficient services with options for 20- and 40-minute treatments, ensuring clients can fit self-care seamlessly into their busy schedules.

Due to the overwhelming success and positive reception of FACE FOUNDRIÉ NAPLES, Terri Soutor has exciting plans for expansion. This fall, she will be opening her second location at the prestigious Coconut Point Mall in Estero. The new location will allow even more individuals to experience the accessible and transformative skincare offerings provided by FACE FOUNDRIÉ. Terri envisions further expansion in Southwest Florida in the coming years, ensuring that the community has increased access to the brand's empowering services.

Address: 121 8th St S, Naples, FL 34102



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