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The Grand Reopening: The Turtle Club Restaurant on Vanderbilt Beach

Photo Credit: The Turtle Club

After a year of challenges and uncertainties, the much-anticipated reopening of The Turtle Club Restaurant at Vanderbilt Beach Resort is finally on the horizon. Mick Moore, the man behind this beloved establishment, is thrilled to share the latest updates and express gratitude to the community for their unwavering support during trying times.

"We are now very, very close to reopening," beams Mick. "The restaurant is essentially done both inside and out, and we are passing our final inspections. We're beginning to bring staff back, training them, and getting ready for our grand reopening."

With eager anticipation, Mick reveals the target date for the restaurant's reopening. "We expect that we will probably reopen during the very first week of May. Construction is still a little unpredictable, but we're optimistic about passing our final inspections and aiming for early May."

For those eagerly awaiting the chance to dine at The Turtle Club once again, Mick has an exciting announcement. "As a thank you to the community for their support over the last year and a half, we are launching a contest," he reveals. "We're giving away three guaranteed reservations during our first reopening week for parties of up to four, along with a $200 credit for each party."

The contest, to be conducted through an online drawing, will ensure that three lucky winners have the opportunity to experience the reopening festivities firsthand. "You have to be here during that first week to use it," Mick emphasizes, highlighting the desire to welcome members of the community back to the restaurant.

In the spirit of fairness, The Turtle Club will not be taking reservations until the reopening day itself. "We want to ensure that everyone has a chance to join us," Mick explains. "By not scheduling reservations in advance, we avoid any potential disappointment if unforeseen circumstances delay our reopening."

As Mick looks forward to welcoming patrons back to the beachside establishment, he expresses his gratitude for the community's unwavering support. "We're really looking forward to welcoming everybody back to the beach," he says warmly. "I think you'll be pleased with how the restaurant turned out, and we really appreciate all of your support over the last year and a half. We can't wait to see you."

With Mick Moore's dedication and the support of the community, The Turtle Club Restaurant at Vanderbilt Beach Resort is poised to reclaim its place as a beloved dining destination on the Naples coast. As the reopening date draws near, anticipation builds, and patrons eagerly await the chance to savor the culinary delights and breathtaking views once again.

9225 Gulfshore Drive North

Naples, Florida  34108


8 comentários

Am hoping to celebrate my 50th anniversary here on May 11th. 🤞


Donna Butler
Donna Butler
28 de abr.

So excited! I have been waiting for this like many others. Can’t wait.


I have been waiting with bated breath for the Turtle Club to open. Can’t wait ❤️💕❤️


I’ve ever been! I have walked by it and it looks like it would be a great place. One day and now that it is reopening is awesome news. ✌🏽💙


Gail Reifsnyder
Gail Reifsnyder
27 de abr.

can't wait for the opening!one of our family favorites😘

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