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Top 5 Things to Do After Dinner in Naples, FL

Nightlife | Naples 2Night

Consider these suggestions for evening activities in Naples. After a day of soaking up the sun, whether it was spent surfing and swimming, sunbathing, shopping, or engaging in other beach-related pursuits, dinnertime offers a brief respite for winding down and relaxing after a day of leisure.

Once dinner is over, however, you'll likely feel re-energized and fortunate to find a plethora of enjoyable things to do in Naples after dark. From gambling and fishing to comedy clubs, movies, and live theater, there are numerous options that will allow you to continue having fun well into the night. Explore the fantastic post-dinner activities available in Naples and make the most of your Florida vacation.

1. 7th Avenue Social

7th Avenue Social is a restaurant that is adored by locals for its refined and locally-sourced menu offerings. However, in the evenings, 7th Avenue Social transforms into an ideal spot to relish a handcrafted beverage and a delectable bite from their "Late Night" menu.

At this venue, you can indulge in a classic cocktail such as a Manhattan, Moscow Mule, or Sidecar, or peruse their list of "Social Originals" cocktails that includes a regularly changing "Bartender's Choice." Additionally, if you're in the mood for a late-night snack, you can select from their assortment of options like charcuterie, seafood appetizers, sliders, and more.

Location: 849 7th Ave S #101, Naples, FL 34102, USA

Open: Daily from 4 pm to midnight

Phone: +1 239-231-4553

2. Off the Hook Comedy Club

Off the Hook Comedy Club is a traditional comedy club in Naples with a distinct nautical theme, as it occupies the nighttime space of Captain Brien's Seafood restaurant, which transforms into a hub of humor in the evenings with an impressive lineup of renowned national performers.

Throughout the years, the venue has played host to notable comedy icons like Piff the Magic Dragon, Kate Quigley, Judy Tenuta, Michael Winslow, Pauly Shore, Tom Arnold, Jamie Kennedy, Loni Love, and numerous others. It's certainly the ideal destination if you're seeking a post-dinner laugh.

Location: 2500 Vanderbilt Beach Rd #1100, Naples, FL 34109, USA

Phone: +1 239-389-6901

3. Silverspot Cinema

Experience the latest Hollywood hits in a luxurious, stadium seating arrangement at Silverspot Cinema in Naples. This multiplex boasts 12 screens and offers a diverse range of snacks, craft beers, wines, and signature cocktails.

The theater is equipped with cutting-edge technology, from Dolby Cinema Sound to Barco Laser Projection. In addition to showcasing Hollywood blockbusters, Silverspot Cinema also periodically screens a variety of operas, ballets, concerts, foreign films, and indie movies. It's the ultimate destination for movie enthusiasts who want to enjoy state-of-the-art cinematic experiences.

Location: 9118 Strada Pl #8205, Naples, FL 34108, USA

Phone: +1 239-592-0300

4. South Street Naples

South Street Naples is not only an ideal spot for post-dinner activities but also for dinner itself. This craft brew pub serves up delectable pizzas and Philly cheesesteaks, along with a rotating menu of exceptional craft beers. The establishment features street-graffiti style decor and live music, creating a vibrant ambiance.

At South Street Naples, you can enjoy a scrumptious dinner and then spend the rest of the evening socializing with great friends, enjoying remarkable entertainment, and sipping on outstanding IPAs, lagers, stouts, sours, and other handcrafted brews. Even if you're not a beer aficionado, they offer a rotating selection of superb cocktails to relish.

Location: 1410 Pine Ridge Rd, Naples, FL 34108, USA

Open: Tuesday–Sunday from noon to 8 pm (closed on Mondays)

Phone: +1 239-435-9333

5. Blue Martini

Blue Martini Naples is the ultimate destination to add a touch of sophistication to your evening after indulging in a fine dining experience. This upscale VIP cocktail lounge provides the perfect way to cap off your night, offering an extensive selection of martinis, cocktails, and champagne to savor while enjoying live music and entertainment.

While Blue Martini features a casual outdoor seating area, if you're in the mood to dance the night away, there's a high-energy center stage area. The venue's happy hour is renowned, and they even cater to private party bookings.

Location: 9114 Strada Pl #12105, Naples, FL 34108, USA

Open: Daily from 4 pm to 2 am

Phone: +1 239-591-2583



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