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Transforming Lives: The Power of Wish Fulfillment at Make-A-Wish

Local community business owners and sponsors -  East West and Federico's Barber shop

In a world where the challenges of critical illnesses can be overwhelming, Make-A-Wish Foundation stands as a beacon of hope and transformation. The belief that a wish experience can be a game-changer for a child facing a critical illness is at the heart of everything they do. This guiding principle not only defines their mission but also serves as the driving force behind their commitment to making a difference in the lives of these brave children.

Granting Life-Changing Wishes

In collaboration with Make-A-Wish Foundation Renee Manzolillo is on a mission to create life-changing wishes for children battling critical illnesses. Beyond the surface of granting wishes, this organization is fueled by the profound impact these experiences have on the wish kids, volunteers, donors, sponsors, medical professionals, and communities at large.

Wishes, according to Make-A-Wish, transcend the realm of mere niceties or one-time events. They become powerful catalysts for positive change. For wish kids, the fulfillment of their desires is more than just a momentary joy; it becomes a source of courage, instilling strength to face their medical treatments with resilience.

Empowering Courage and Optimism

The act of making a wish come true has the transformative power to instill courage in the hearts of these young warriors. Facing medical treatments can be daunting, but the prospect of a granted wish becomes a beacon of hope, propelling them forward in their journey towards healing. It is not just a fleeting moment of happiness; it is a lifeline that encourages them to persevere.

A Ripple Effect on Families and Communities

Parents, too, find solace and optimism in the fulfillment of their child's wish. The burden of worry is momentarily lifted, replaced by a sense of joy and possibility. Make-A-Wish believes that these moments of respite are not only essential for the well-being of the child but also for the entire family.

Moreover, the impact extends beyond the immediate family circle. Others who witness the transformative power of wish fulfillment might be inspired to contribute to their communities. Whether through volunteer work or philanthropy, the ripple effect of a single wish can be felt far and wide, creating a positive and interconnected web of support.

Uniting for a Common Vision

Make-A-Wish Foundation's vision is simple yet profound: to grant the wish of every eligible child. It is a vision that unites communities, volunteers, donors, and sponsors under the shared goal of making a positive impact on the lives of these resilient children. The belief in the transformative power of a wish is the common thread that binds everyone involved.

Ticket Information: Tickets for this extraordinary evening are priced at $88.00 per guest. To secure your place at the gala, kindly contact Miguel Medina to RSVP at (239) 992-9474 ext. 24 or via email at Your presence at the event is not only a celebration of generosity but a commitment to making a tangible impact on the lives of wish kids.

Supporting the Cause: It's not just an evening of glamour; it's an opportunity to be part of something greater. 100% of the net proceeds from the Second Annual Spring Into Action Gala will directly benefit Make-A-Wish Southern Florida. Your contribution will play a pivotal role in fulfilling the wishes of deserving children and spreading warmth in their lives.

Mark your calendar, secure your ticket, and join Make-A-Wish Southern Florida at the Second Annual Spring Into Action Gala. Together, let's make dreams come true and create lasting memories for the resilient children who inspire us all.

Event Details: 2nd Annual Spring Into Action Gala

Location: Bayfront Inn 5th Ave

Date: March 6th, 2024

Time: 5pm - 8pm

Dress Code: Cocktail Attire

Organized By Renee Manzolillo


Renee Manzolillo organizer and curator of The Second Annual Spring Into Action Make A Wish Gala

General Manager Bayfront inn on 5th  Matt Anzivino , Renee Manzolillo owner and founder of Breakin Boundaries and The Sacred Alignmentt™  Community, Presenting Sponsor  Elizabeth Cinquini of Elizbeth Cinquini Interiors, Miguel Medina Special events Coordinator Make A Wish Southern Florida 

Photo Credit:  Amelia Conte Amelia Conte Photography 

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