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Unveiling Naples' Ultimate Aphrodisiac - "District" The Newest Cocktail Lounge

District | Naples 2Night

Discover the Vision of Owner Christopher Lee: A Journey from New York to Naples

A new and exciting culinary adventure is set to take the town by storm. District, a brainchild of the charismatic owner Christopher Lee, is not just a bar or restaurant, but an experience that promises to reshape the way the community dines and connects. In this exclusive interview, Chris opens up about his journey from New York to Naples and shares the inspiration behind District.

A Transformational Journey: From Physical Educator to Restaurateur

Chris's story is one of determination and passion. Originally from the vibrant Long Island, Chris pursued a career in education for several years. However, his adventurous spirit and desire for new challenges eventually led him to a life-altering decision in 2008 – relocating to the serene shores of Naples, Florida.

Crafting Connections Through Service

Christopher Lee | Naples 2Night

Before opening the doors of District, Chris's journey meandered through the hospitality industry. He had an early stint as a bartender alongside his brother, a time that laid the foundation for his deep-seated passion for service. Upon arriving in Naples, Chris embarked on an incredible journey that saw him honing his skills at establishments such as TGI Fridays and the esteemed Ritz Carlton Hotel and eventually Trulucks in Naples, Florida. His experience, particularly in fine dining, became the cornerstone of his vision for District.

Catering to Cravings: A Novel Concept

What sets District apart is Chris's unwavering commitment to his community's desires. Recognizing the yearning for something distinctive, he's determined to give Naples an experience unlike any other. Notably, the absence of TVs underscores the desire for genuine human interaction, urging patrons to engage with each other on a deeper level.

Another one of his concepts coming in October is the idea of a street urban oasis takes shape – a mini bar concept that brings people together under the open skies.The outdoor bar, boasting 32 seats and a spacious entertainment area, embodies the spirit of connection. The layout, featuring communal tables, encourages shared experiences and conversations, setting the stage for new friendships to blossom.

Crafting Distinct Experiences

Chris's innovation doesn't stop at the outdoor concept. Two distinct spaces and names, each with its own ambiance and vibe. Stepping into either space promises a unique experience, ensuring that every visit is an adventure unto itself. From the warm and cozy indoor setting to the bustling and vivacious outdoor setup, Chris has ensured that his patrons feel captivated with each encounter.

Affordable Excellence: Where Quality Meets Value

Chris's dedication to his community extends to his pricing strategy. He's passionate about offering top-notch service and exceptional cuisine without emptying guests' wallets. District's menu is curated to deliver exquisite flavors that cater to a diverse range of palates, ensuring that every diner feels like a valued guest.

Unveiling a Vibrant Future

With October just around the corner, the anticipation surrounding Chris's outdoor concept is palpable and ready to shine as the "The Mini Bar". Chris's excitement is contagious as he envisions a Naples that's ready to embrace the new, the exciting, and the fun. Whether you're dressed in formal attire or a swimsuit, District welcomes all with open arms, embodying the spirit of Naples' warm and diverse community.

Chris's journey from New York to Naples, coupled with his passion for service and innovative culinary concepts, is the driving force behind District's creation. As the sun sets over the serene Naples landscape, District promises to illuminate the town with an electrifying dining and entertainment experience. So, get ready to embark on a journey of flavors, connections, and memories with District that is now open, The Alley and The Mini Bar coming soon in early October.

Visit District:

Open Daily 4:30pm-12:00am

1200 Central Ave. Suite 105Naples, FL 34102



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