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Unveiling The Alley: Naples' Newest Urban-Style Street Alley Bar

Christopher Lee | Rodrigo Torres | The Alley

Naples, Florida, known for its traditional charm, is about to witness a culinary revolution with the introduction of "The Alley," the latest brainchild of Christopher Lee, one of the creative minds behind District and The Kitchen & The Mini Bar. In an exclusive interview, we sat down with Christopher to delve into the inspiration, concept, and ambitions behind this unique addition to the Naples scene.

Embracing the Urban Vibe

The Alley aims to capture the essence of a New York City alley but with an amplified artistic flair. Christopher describes it as the "in-between" space connecting the other two outlets, inviting guests to traverse its urban-inspired landscape. The attention to detail is evident, with no expense spared in creating an atmosphere that promises to be unlike any other.

Late Nights in The Alley

The Alley is set to be a late-night haven, opening its doors at 7 p.m. and serving food until 1 a.m., with last call at 1:30 a.m. This adult-centric outlet, boasts uncensored music and an ambiance tailored for a more mature audience.

Fusion of Flavors and Late-Night Delights

While The Alley focuses on an adult demographic, the integration of The Kitchen & The Mini Bar menu ensures a fusion of enticing drinks and delectable food options. Christopher highlights the commitment to quality, emphasizing their scratch kitchen and the use of high-quality ingredients. The late-night menu, running until 1 a.m., aims to cater to the diverse hospitality workforce in the area, offering a place for relaxation and enjoyment after their late shifts.

Culinary Evolution in Southwest Florida

Christopher's vision goes beyond individual outlets; it extends to transforming the entire hospitality scene in Southwest Florida. He envisions a departure from traditional norms, injecting a touch of culture and edginess into Naples. The goal is to provide residents with diverse and innovative concepts, eliminating the need to travel to larger cities for a taste of something different.

The Journey of Conceptualization

The three concepts within this culinary project have been a labor of love, taking approximately two and a half years to evolve. Christopher, along with his partners Marty Kenney and Christopher Shucart, embraces a perfectionist approach, constantly refining and improving their ideas to create an unparalleled dining experience.

A Casual Future for Hospitality

Looking ahead, Christopher predicts a shift towards a more casual nature in the hospitality industry. Recognizing the challenges posed by recent events, he emphasizes the importance of reviving service standards and introducing new, edgier concepts. The goal is to meet the evolving expectations of diners who seek unique experiences beyond traditional options.

Motivation in Progress

What keeps Christopher motivated? The joy of watching ideas come to life and the positive reception from guests. Christopher proudly mentions the overwhelming gratitude expressed by patrons for bringing something different to the area. The CMC hospitality team, often referred to as the "Dream Team," collaborates seamlessly to turn concepts into reality, making each outlet a distinctive experience.

The Pleasure of Progress

As we concluded the interview, Christopher Lee expressed his excitement about The Alley's imminent opening and the overall progress of CMC hospitality. He envisions a dining scene where quality and innovation prevail over conformity, inviting locals and visitors alike to embrace the casual and fun concepts crafted with passion and precision.

With The Alley poised to make its mark, Naples anticipates a new era in culinary exploration, thanks to the creative minds at CMC hospitality.

Visit them: 1200 Central Ave. Suite 103, Naples, Florida 34102

Grand Opening Date: 01/25/2024 | 7pm

Hours of operation: 7pm to 1:30am Open Daily



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