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Experience Naples Bay from a Unique Perspective ... Aboard Authentic Venetian Gondolas!

Naples Bay, with its serene waterways and breathtaking views, offers a canvas for unforgettable experiences. And what better way to immerse oneself in its charm than aboard an authentic Venetian gondola? La Gondola, nestled within the picturesque Naples Bay Resort Marina, invites visitors to embark on a journey unlike any other.

Whether it's a romantic escapade under the moonlight, a jovial outing with friends and family, or a sophisticated affair to impress clients, La Gondola caters to diverse desires with finesse. Their signature offering, the Viaggio dei Sogni, or "Trip of Dreams," promises a 50- to 55-minute excursion through the enchanting waterways of Naples Bay.

Guided by seasoned gondoliers, guests are treated to a leisurely glide, allowing ample time to savor the beauty of the surroundings. The gentle rhythm of the oar, the melodious lilt of Italian songs, and the gentle lapping of water against the vessel create an ambiance of tranquility and romance.

La Gondola extends its hospitality beyond individual experiences, offering discounted group tour packages for parties exceeding 12 guests. Whether it's a corporate retreat, a family reunion, or a social gathering, the team accommodates varying preferences, ensuring each group's unique needs are met.

For those seeking to elevate special occasions to extraordinary heights, La Gondola presents bespoke wedding packages. Imagine exchanging vows amidst the picturesque backdrop of Naples Bay, with a registered gondolier celebrant overseeing the ceremony. From intimate onboard weddings to post-nuptial cruises and enchanting photo sessions, every detail is meticulously crafted to create cherished memories that last a lifetime.

Conveniently located within the Naples Bay Resort Marina, finding La Gondola is a breeze. Nestled between the 1500 South Restaurant and Cafe on the Bay, their dock beckons visitors to embark on a voyage of enchantment.

Operating seasonally from January 1st to April 28th, La Gondola welcomes guests from 1 PM to 9 PM, seven days a week. While walk-ins are accommodated, reservations are highly recommended to secure a gondola for your desired time slot. Please note that operational hours may be subject to weather conditions, ensuring the safety and comfort of all passengers.

In a world filled with fleeting experiences, La Gondola offers a timeless journey—one where every moment is cherished, every sight savored, and every heartbeat synchronized with the gentle rhythm of Naples Bay. So, come aboard and let the magic of Venice unfold amidst the splendor of Naples Bay.



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