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High-Energy Thriller Comes to TheatreZone with Carrie: The MusicalStephen King’s Tale of Horror and Dark Humor Embraces Bullying, Coming-of-Age Themes

TheatreZone is set to deliver an electrifying performance as it brings Stephen King’s chilling masterpiece, "Carrie: The Musical," to life. Opening its doors on Thursday, April 25, this production promises to be a spine-tingling experience, combining horror, dark humor, and poignant themes of bullying and coming-of-age.

Mark Danni, the founder and artistic director of TheatreZone, expressed his excitement about the upcoming show, highlighting its gripping narrative and powerful performances. "Carrie is a high-energy thriller based on an iconic book and film with all the horror and dark humor of Stephen King’s novel," Danni remarked. "Audiences familiar with the book and film will be on the edges of their seats with our highly dramatic production about the plight of a misfit with a unique gift."

At the heart of "Carrie: The Musical" is the story of Carrie White, portrayed by the talented Keeley Pendergrass. Carrie, a shy and reclusive teenager, finds herself at the mercy of relentless bullying from her peers and the oppressive religious zealotry of her mother, Margaret White, portrayed by McLean Peterson. Pendergrass's portrayal of Carrie captures the character's vulnerability and inner strength, drawing audiences into her tumultuous journey of self-discovery.

The narrative unfolds against the backdrop of a small New England town, where Carrie's telekinetic abilities add a supernatural element to her already tumultuous life. As the story progresses, audiences are confronted with thought-provoking questions about the consequences of cruelty and the transformative power of kindness.

"What does it cost to be kind," a poignant lyric from the musical, encapsulates the central theme explored in "Carrie." Through a blend of heart-wrenching ballads and high-energy pop songs, Academy Award-winning composers Michael Gore and Dean Pitchford deliver a musical experience that is both captivating and emotionally resonant.

Under the direction of Mark Danni and choreography by Karen Molnar Danni, TheatreZone's production of "Carrie: The Musical" promises to be a tour de force of theatrical excellence. Supported by a talented ensemble cast and a live band led by Music Director Charles Fornara, the show invites audiences to immerse themselves in the gripping tale of a young woman's journey towards empowerment and self-acceptance.

TheatreZone will host performances of "Carrie: The Musical" from April 25 to May 5, offering audiences multiple opportunities to experience this thrilling production. Additionally, on Thursday, May 2, patrons can participate in a Talkback session with the cast and creative team, providing insight into the making of the show and its underlying themes.

As TheatreZone celebrates its 20th season, "Carrie: The Musical" stands as a testament to its commitment to delivering exceptional theatrical experiences to audiences. With its thought-provoking narrative, stellar performances, and electrifying music, this production promises to leave a lasting impression on all who dare to enter the world of Carrie White.

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