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Get Ready to Shine at the Collier County Fair: Fun, Food, and Festivities Await!"

The Collier Fair is an annual event that takes place in Naples, Florida, and is known for its fun-filled days of carnival rides, games, live music, and agricultural exhibits. This year, the Collier Fair will be held from March 16th until March 26th, and promises to be a fantastic event for visitors of all ages.

One of the main attractions of the Collier Fair is the carnival rides. The fair has a variety of rides, including a Ferris wheel, a roller coaster, and a giant swing. There are also plenty of kiddie rides for the little ones. All of the rides are inspected and maintained regularly to ensure the safety of the riders.

In addition to the rides, the Collier Fair also has a wide variety of games and prizes. Visitors can test their skills at games like ring toss, balloon pop, and basketball toss. There are also a number of carnival-style food vendors offering classic fair foods like funnel cakes, corn dogs, and cotton candy.

One of the unique features of the Collier Fair is the agricultural exhibits. The fair showcases the agricultural products of the region, with displays of fruits, vegetables, and livestock. Visitors can learn about the local farming industry and the different crops that are grown in the area. There are also competitions for the best livestock and produce, with awards given to the winners.

Live music is another big draw at the Collier Fair. Each night, there are different performers playing a variety of music genres, from country to rock to pop. The fair also hosts a talent show, where local performers can showcase their skills and compete for prizes.

The Collier Fair is a great event for families, with plenty of activities for children of all ages. In addition to the rides and games, there is a petting zoo, pony rides, and a butterfly exhibit. There are also educational exhibits on topics like conservation, recycling, and animal welfare.

Collier Fair is a must-visit event for anyone in the Naples area. It is a fun and affordable way to spend a day or evening, with something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you are looking for carnival rides, live music, or agricultural exhibits, the Collier Fair has it all. So mark your calendars for March 16th 2023 through March 26th 2023, and get ready for a great time at the Collier Fair!



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