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Oar & Iron Raw Bar and Grill: Where Every Guest Will Find Something They Love

Oar & Iron Raw Bar and Grill | Naples 2Night

Naples, Florida welcomes a culinary gem with the grand opening of Oar & Iron Raw Bar and Grill. A haven for those seeking a dining experience tailored to their tastes, this new establishment promises a feast for the senses.

At Oar & Iron, the mission is simple: to create a world where everyone can order exactly what they want. The restaurant prides itself on offering a diverse range of options, ensuring that every guest, whether a land or sea enthusiast, will find something to delight their palate. The made-from-scratch menu allows for customization, including gluten-free choices, catering to individual preferences.

The ambiance at Oar & Iron is nothing short of inviting. Whether you prefer an open-air patio or the lively atmosphere of a high-top during happy hour, the restaurant provides a refined and relaxed setting. The goal is to give patrons the freedom to enjoy a dining experience that suits their mood and preferences.

No Second Picks: Allergies Aren't Restrictions

Oar & Iron goes above and beyond to accommodate guests with food allergies. The commitment to allergen awareness is evident in the preparation of dishes in scratch kitchens, the use of allergen picks, and the direct involvement of management in delivering allergy-safe meals. With certifications in food safety and allergen awareness, the management team ensures a safe dining experience. All employees undergo extensive allergy awareness training to prioritize guest safety.

A remarkable aspect of Oar & Iron is that 100% of their core menus are either naturally gluten-free or can be modified to be so. This dedication to inclusivity sets the restaurant apart, making it a welcoming space for everyone.

The Vision Behind Oar & Iron

The journey of Oar & Iron began with a vision shared by Restaurateur Ryan Dion and Naples local developer Robert Walker. Inspired by the success of their New England restaurant brand, 110 Grill, and the accomplishments of RAVentures Hospitality Group, boasting over 50 restaurants, the duo set their sights on Florida.

Oar & Iron, named after the endless foods found across land and sea, represents a new paradigm in dining where options are limitless. Meals are crafted from scratch, and the restaurant's philosophy is that nothing is impossible. Every guest is encouraged to request changes, adjustments, or twists, ensuring that each meal is a personalized masterpiece.

More Than a Restaurant: Who We Are

At Oar & Iron, they believe that a table set with amazing food is one of the best places for people to connect with their family and friends. It's not just about serving meals; it's about helping people bond, build memories, and enjoy each other's company. The restaurant's mission is to create an experience that allows guests to focus entirely on the connections they're sharing, while Oar & Iron takes care of everything else.

Oar & Iron Raw Bar and Grill emerges as more than just a restaurant; it's a culinary haven that celebrates individuality, inclusivity, and the joy of connecting over exceptional food.

Visit them:

8850 Founders Square Dr, Naples, FL 34120




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