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The Hidden Worlds of Tina Bland: A Kaleidoscope of Nature Unveiled at Marvin D. Rouse Studio Gallery

Naples, known for its rich cultural tapestry, is set to host a four-day solo exhibit featuring the vibrant and captivating artwork of Tina Bland. "The Hidden Worlds of Tina Bland" will be showcased at the Marvin D. Rouse Studio Gallery, located at 853 4th Avenue South, from January 26 to January 29. This debut exhibition not only marks a significant milestone for Bland but also highlights Rouse's commitment to providing a platform for local artists.

Marvin D. Rouse, the visionary behind the gallery, is curating the exhibit with a unique twist. Each day of the exhibition will feature a fresh collection of paintings from Bland's extensive portfolio. Rouse believes that Bland's work deserves to be experienced in greater volume than a single showing could allow, showcasing over 30 carefully selected paintings during the event.

The exhibition will kick off with three consecutive evening receptions on January 26, 27, and 28, from 5 to 7 p.m. This novel approach to the exhibition format allows attendees to immerse themselves in different facets of Bland's art, unveiling the hidden worlds she brings to life on canvas.

"The Hidden Worlds of Tina Bland" not only marks a significant event for Bland but also serves as Marvin D. Rouse's inaugural show for fellow local artists in his Old Naples gallery. Rouse, inspired by the challenges he faced early in his career, aims to provide a platform for artists who may not have had the opportunity to be represented in other galleries. "It's about artists supporting artists," says Rouse.

Tina Bland, a Florida native, is a self-taught artist with a unique connection to nature. Her artistic journey began in her childhood explorations of the woods and water, experiences that continue to inspire her work today. Using acrylic paints and pens on canvas, Bland creates mesmerizing paintings that feature repetitive designs, particularly dots, conveying movement and natural sensuality.

In her artist's statement, Bland expresses that her artwork is a reflection of the natural world of her childhood and the joy derived from exploring the outdoors. The exhibition showcases her brilliantly colored paintings, offering microscopic views of the natural world in abstract, botanical, cat, skull, and bug paintings.

Bland's abstract paintings, characterized by highly saturated vibrant colors and organic forms, reflect her love for the freedom and spontaneity of abstract work. Her botanical paintings, inspired by a lifelong passion for gardening inherited from her parents, highlight the unique patterns of micro universes found in her garden.

Animals hold a special place in Bland's heart, leading her to create what she calls "abstract folk art" featuring cats, bugs, snakes, turtles, gators, and even fantasy species from her imagination. "The Hidden Worlds of Tina Bland" is not just an exhibition; it's a journey into the artist's intricate and colorful universe.

Following this captivating showcase, the Marvin D. Rouse Studio Gallery will host a two-week exhibit featuring paintings by Phil Fisher, debuting on February 3, followed by a solo show featuring Rouse's own artwork.

Marvin D. Rouse, an accomplished artist himself, founded Rouse Designs in 1998. In addition to his design work, he has become known for his signature style in abstract works, using faces from his imagination to convey expressions of emotional experiences. The Marvin D. Rouse Studio Gallery, opened in April 2022, provides a platform not only for Rouse's work but also for local and international artists who may not otherwise have the opportunity to exhibit their creations.

As the 2024 Naples season unfolds, the Marvin D. Rouse Studio Gallery promises to be a hub of artistic exploration and expression. Open Wednesday through Saturday from 12 to 7 p.m. or by appointment, the gallery invites art enthusiasts to experience the stimulating truth from the heart through creativity.

For more information about Tina Bland and the upcoming exhibitions at the Marvin D. Rouse Studio Gallery, visit,, or follow them on Instagram at @tinablandart and @rouse_art, respectively. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the hidden worlds unveiled by Tina Bland at this extraordinary Naples art event.



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