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Tin City Commemorates 100-Year Milestone with Official Grand Reopening

Naples, FL - On Friday, Tin City, an iconic waterfront district, proudly celebrated its centennial anniversary with a highly anticipated grand reopening. Despite enduring the wrath of Hurricane Ian's storm surge and a devastating car accident that plowed through the area in November, the resilient Tin City has emerged stronger than ever.

This weekend, locals and tourists alike have the opportunity to revel in the festivities and pay homage to one of Naples' oldest waterfront areas. With an array of attractions and activities planned, visitors can anticipate a memorable experience, encompassing leisurely shopping, delectable dining, and a vibrant atmosphere that is simply unparalleled.

The three-day celebration kicked off on Friday, marking a significant milestone in Tin City's storied history. Craig Ekonomon, the Tin City Property Manager, who spearheaded the reopening efforts alongside a dedicated team of vendors, expressed his pride and determination during the rebuilding process. "Our objective was to reopen all 30 businesses as swiftly as possible. With the collective efforts of everyone involved, we were able to achieve this goal," Ekonomon stated.

Store owners at Tin City, such as Debora Underwood from Deb's Touch of Florida and Jen Norqual, owner of Docks by Jen, credit Ekonomon for fostering a tight-knit community spirit among the business owners. The adversity faced during Hurricane Ian brought them closer together. Underwood shared her sentiments, saying, "We have become like a family because of him. Our commitment to Tin City runs deep, and its renewal has breathed new life into all of us."

For Norqual, who hails from Minnesota, the opportunity to own a store in Tin City has been a dream come true. "Tin City has always held a special place in my heart. As a child, it was on the top of my list of places to visit. Now, having a shop here feels truly iconic," she enthused.

Tin City's history is steeped in significance. Originally a site for oyster processing and home to a local fishing fleet, the district derived its name from the rustic tin buildings that once populated the area. Today, the waterfront shops exude a casual old Florida charm that continues to captivate both tourists and locals.

Jerry Rule, a Naples resident, fondly refers to Tin City as the "boardwalk of Naples" due to its charming collection of small shops and vibrant ambiance. "The waterfront location, the dining establishments, and the events hosted here make Tin City truly special. Witnessing its restoration has been a remarkable experience," Rule remarked.

Laurel Reynolds, a visitor to Tin City, echoed Rule's sentiments, expressing her delight at the festivities. "The combination of shopping by the water, the variety of restaurants, and the lively entertainment is simply fantastic. We even caught glimpses of baby alligators and a stilt-walking performer. Tin City has truly come alive," Reynolds shared.

While most of the shops have been open for several months, the celebratory grand reopening serves as a fitting tribute to Tin City's enduring history and resilience. Local officials, including Senator Passidomo, are slated to attend the festivities throughout the weekend. The highlight will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony on Saturday at 1 p.m., where Senator Passidomo will officiate.

As Tin City commemorates a century of existence, this remarkable milestone stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit of this beloved Naples destination.



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