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Prime Social: A Potential Rooftop Restaurant to Shake Up Downtown Naples

Prime Social, a restaurant owned by Cameron Mitchell Restaurants, is in the process of bringing a new location to downtown Naples. If approved, it would be located above Chop City Grill and could potentially become the first rooftop restaurant on Fifth Avenue. However, before it can open, the restaurant must first go through various city approvals.

Preliminary design plans suggest that the restaurant would have 210 indoor seats, a lounge at the back of the third-floor property, and streetside outdoor seating. The menu would include a raw bar, sushi rolls, pizza appetizers, and desserts.

Architect Matthew Kragh explained that there had been a recent code change that would allow for rooftop restaurants in the Fifth Avenue overlay district, which was previously limited to restaurants on the first floor only. Kragh also confirmed that the proposed location of Prime Social would not violate noise and safety regulations.

The next step for Prime Social is to obtain input from the planning advisory board before seeking conditional use from the city council. If approved, the restaurant could potentially open in 2024. Many people who frequently dine on Fifth Avenue are excited about the prospect of a rooftop restaurant, as it would provide additional seating options and potential views of the water. Cameron Mitchell Restaurants has yet to release more details on the project.



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