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Seeing a Movie with Dear Old Dad Always Fits at Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse | Naples 2night Digital Magazine

Father’s Day has always been a tricky holiday to shop for. Sweaters shrink, ties are lame, but seeing a movie with dear old dad is the Father’s Day gift that always fits. This year, Alamo Drafthouse is sweetening the deal with a special offer: the first 100 dads (or anyone) get a FREE POPCORN voucher!

That’s how we described ourselves in 1997, and that mission hasn’t changed and will never, ever change. For over two decades, we’ve worked to make the Alamo Drafthouse experience the best cinematic experience in the world. Here’s how.

The Greatest Films Ever Made

We don’t just want to be another multiplex. Everyone who works at Alamo Drafthouse, from the managers to the servers to the kitchen staff, is passionate about film. To us, an obscure foreign language drama can be just as worthy of attention and fanfare as the latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Through our Drafthouse Recommends program, we’ve committed ourselves to helping innovative and challenging films like Get Out, The Florida Project, The Handmaiden, and Everything Everywhere All at Once find an audience.

Celebrating classic cinema is also something we take seriously, while making sure we have a little fun along the way. Whether it’s an interactive Movie Party presentation of a timeless classic, a chef-inspired feast with a menu paired to a film, or a re-evaluation of a lost gem, we love sharing the movies we love with Alamo Drafthouse audiences of all ages.

Alamo Drafthouse | Naples 2night Digital Magazine

Paired with Great Food and Drink

When you see a movie at Alamo Drafthouse, you get cold drinks, delicious meals, tasty local beers, and signature cocktails brought to your seat by a server. Need a free refill on your popcorn or soda? Raise an order card and we’ll get it taken care of quickly.

Each Alamo Drafthouse location’s menu features burgers, pizzas, salads, snacks, and desserts prepared fresh from locally sourced ingredients. Plus, our chefs regularly create special menus inspired by classic cinema and big upcoming blockbusters, like an all-Pakistani menu curated by Kumail Nanjiani for The Big Sick or a burger shop takeover for The Bob’s Burgers Movie.

Beer is our middle name at Alamo Drafthouse, so we make certain that every Alamo Drafthouse location highlights and promotes the best local craft breweries. Our bar staff also loves to innovate and are constantly mixing up new cocktail creations that’ll elevate the cinematic experience.

And a Commitment to Exceptional Picture and Sound

Presentation standards are one of the most important and yet most frequently overlooked aspects of the theatergoing experience. At Alamo Drafthouse, we’re obsessed with making sure that each film looks and sounds the best it possibly can, and that means investing in new technology, constant maintenance to make sure our equipment meets our standards, and developing and training the next generation of projectionists.

Our projection teams are vital to the company. Because many classic films are only available on celluloid, the only way they can be seen is on film. That’s why most Alamo Drafthouse locations are fitted with at least one 35mm projector, and several even have widescreen 70mm equipment, the preferred format for visionary filmmakers like Christopher Nolan and Paul Thomas Anderson.

The Alamo Drafthouse Experience: A Father’s Day Tradition

For many, the tradition of celebrating Father’s Day with a trip to the movies at Alamo Drafthouse has become a cherished ritual. With our unique blend of film passion, culinary creativity, and technical excellence, we strive to create an experience that dads and families alike will remember fondly.

This Father’s Day, why settle for another boring gift? Treat dad to a movie at Alamo Drafthouse, where the experience is unforgettable, and the popcorn is on us.

9118 Strada Pl #8205 Naples, FL 34108

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