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Unidos Celebrates “Dia Nacional del Pisco Sour” Saturday, Feb. 3

Peruvian Pisco Gaining Popularity in United States – Consumption Up 20 Percent in 2023 Over 2022

Naples, FL - Unidos Latin Kitchen + Bar in Naples is set to host a festive celebration of Dia Nacional del Pisco Sour on Saturday, February 3rd. This vibrant event will showcase a specially curated menu of Latin-themed drinks, with a focus on the iconic Pisco Sour and a tantalizing Passion Fruit libation. The occasion promises an unforgettable experience for cocktail enthusiasts, featuring skillfully crafted beverages at Naples' newest hotspot situated at the corner of US 41 and Central Avenue in the Naples Design District.

The Pisco Sour, a legendary cocktail, is named after "Pisco," a Peruvian brandy-like spirit distilled from grapes, and "sour" for the tart citrus juice used in the concoction. The term "Pisco" also holds historical significance, representing the port in southern Peru where the spirit was initially shipped. Additionally, it translates to "little bird" in Quechua, an Incan language, reflecting the native roots of this iconic drink.

Unidos has put its own spin on the classic Pisco Sour, featuring a frothy egg white topping, vibrant lime juice, and sweet sugar syrup. The meticulous process involves shaking the ingredients together to create a silky, smooth texture. Founder and owner Sal Muñoz emphasizes the importance of agitating and adding air to achieve the perfect balance. The whipped egg whites are adorned with aromatic bitters, enhancing the drink's overall appeal.

Muñoz highlights the exotic taste of the Pisco Sour, along with its unique health benefits. The cocktail aids digestion, stimulating the secretion of gastric juices when consumed after meals. Addressing concerns about using egg whites, Muñoz reassures guests that the washing process eliminates any risk of salmonella. For a vegan alternative, Unidos offers a version using aquafaba, the liquid found in canned chickpeas.

The popularity of Pisco in the United States is on the rise, with a notable 20 percent increase in consumption reported in 2023 compared to the previous year. Peruvian Pisco, known for its quality, is produced under stringent regulations, contributing to its higher cost. The Trade Commission of Peru in Miami reports more than 50 Pisco brands now available in the U.S., reflecting the spirit's resurgence at cocktail bars.

Muñoz distinguishes Pisco from heavier spirits, describing it as an unaged spirit that combines floral aromas with a velvety egginess. He recommends pairing the Pisco Sour with traditional Peruvian dishes such as Crispy Ceviche or Piqueo Three Ceviches, enhancing the overall dining experience.

Unidos, located in the heart of Naples, is a Latin fusion restaurant reimagining traditional Latin American cuisine by infusing it with global flavors. The restaurant offers a diverse menu of mouthwatering dishes, handcrafted cocktails, and a vibrant atmosphere that celebrates the richness of Latin American culture.

For more information about Unidos, including job applications and reservations, visit Unidos Restaurant or call (239) 331-3668.


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